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Past Workshops ... just an idea of what we've been doing

2022 to 2023

Workshop participation is limited. Members of WEG will be registered first, then non-members may be welcome if there are still openings.

Workshops have registration fees, to pay the instructor and rent the facility, which occasionally may be waived for WEG members.


Each workshop will have either a Kit fee (the instructor prepares the kit for each participant) or a materials list (participants bring the required materials).

Plan to join your friends from WEG for our second (and final!) workshop of the 2022/23 season: 



with Kathryn Drummond 

Saturday, February 25, 2023, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm 

Dakota Lawn Bowling Centre (1212 Dakota Street) 

Cost: $42 (includes full kit) 


Yubinuki is the Japanese word for thimble. In the rest of the world, the word yubinuki usually refers to the particular type of thimble made from paper and silk that originated in the Kaga region of Japan. These beautiful thimbles were made by seamstresses using silk leftover from their work sewing kimono. Traditionally, the thimbles were made during the first three days of the year using colors and patterns that were thought to bring luck and repel evil. Over time, the simple, functional, lacy looking rings from the 15th century became more elaborate and are now completely covered with intricate patterns in thread. Yubinuki are traditionally worn on the middle finger of the working hand, between the first and second knuckles. In this class, we will learn the basics of yubinuki and make two or three rings. Kits will contain all the supplies needed to make three yubinuki, with a few color choices for each one. 

Students bring: 

  • Embroidery scissors and paper scissors 

  • A mandrel (“a cylindrical rod around which material is shaped”) to form the yubinuki on (if you would like it to fit your finger, measure your finger and find something close to that size – ex. a tube of lip balm, a marker, wooden dowel or very small toiletry bottle, etc.). The mandrel should be a straight cylinder with no edging at one end. 

  • Sewing thread, any color 

  • Pencil (fine mechanical pencil is best) and pen 

  • Scotch tape 

  • Measuring tape 

  • Optional: .” binder with 10 plastic sheet protectors 

  • Optional: a small flat iron that you use for threads (not one that has been used for hair 

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