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Our Executive Chairs and Officers — 2023/24


President: Gail Wence
Marjorie Morris

Treasurer: Terry Franklin
Past President: Cheryl Hince

Standing Committees

Archivist: Isla Marsh
Membership: Gail Wence,

assisted by Carolee Chapman and Ricky Chestnut
Newsletter/Photographer: Carol Plante
Program/ Workshops:
Patty Hawkins (chair),

Kathryn Drummond, Kylea Fulton

Chelsea McKee-Trenchard, Seema Hollenberg

Promotions/Demos: Barb Weshnoweski

Social Media:​ Kathryn Drummond

Website:​ Elizabeth Bonnett,

assisted by Charlotte Cels

Ad Hoc Committees

Guild Manual Editor: Patty Hawkins
Heritage Needle Arts  Sale:
Susan Turner (coordinator)

assisted by Judy Boatman

(term from Dec 1 to Nov 30 at the discretion of  the HNAS committee)

Leonida Leatherdale Award Consultant: Isla Marsh
​Media Research: Seema Hollenberg, Mira Hollenberg

​Raffle: Terry Franklin and Carol Plante
Refreshments: Lynne Jentsch

Zoom Administrator: Val Wilson

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