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This link will take you to the gallery of embroidery by Guild Members. ​
Note: clicking on any photo in the gallery (index) will take you to the slideshow.
Move your cursor to the top of the window to view the controls for the slideshow.
​Thank you to Helen's husband, Allan Bartel, for all the work he put into creating this for us.

This is the video of the slideshow that Allan Created for us.

This is where you will find photos of other works related to Guild Activities

As part of Seminar 2013, Branching Out, Elizabeth Bonnett digitized Fran Oakley's Jacobean Tree of Life pattern that was created many years before, adding Sandra Toyne's flowers for our three territories, and made it available to EAC members.

Photo Gallery

Photos from Guild events/meetings

This page is in the process of moving over from our previous server. Please come back to check on our progress and cheer the little images and words on!

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