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Seminar 2013

May 14 to 19, 2013

Tree of Life Pattern and Information

EAC member's stitched Tree of Life ... 2017

A Note from Seminar Chair, Beryl Burnett

Branching Out, Seminar 2013 in Winnipeg, was a great success and the Seminar Committee along with the host Chapter, Winnipeg Embroiders Guild, would like to thank all who came and made this such a special event. We had a great time and met many new friends, as well as visited with our friends from past Seminars. We very much look forward to seeing everyone at Seminar 2014!

The Branching Out logo: 
... stands for the Winnipeg beginnings of the EAC, and ‘reflects’ our growth. A river, important to our heritage and identity, runs through Winnipeg: it’s the "Red", which also is the colour of a ruby, the 40th Anniversary stone. The evergreen on the river bank, also reflected in the Red River, refers to Leonida Leatherdale’s vision of ever growing, ever learning. One trunk is the WEG, the founding chapter of the Embroiderers Association of Canada; the other trunk represents the EAC, the association that connects us all. The combined branches on the tree and its reflection represent all of the guilds in the EAC at the time the logo was created, incredibly it was 22 to the west/left, 22 to the east/right: 44 in total.

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