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Let Me Introduce You to Denise Bowes

An interview by Beryl Burnett

Denise Bowes

On an absolutely beautiful day in July, Denise and I met at a local coffee shop to sit down and have a catch up visit.

As Denise reminded me, we first met at a class at “Mrs. Twichet’s eye”. This was approximately a year before the shop closed. I did not know Denise personally at that time so this was a perfect time to get better acquainted.


Born and educated in Ft. Rouge Winnipeg, upon completion of education Denise worked in the field of group insurance for Great West Life.


Among her many interests (which include fold art, painting, collecting unique material to decorate their cottage, crochet, and attempts at knitting), she joined other classes at Carolyn M's. Some of the classes included hardanger, thread painting, and of course today’s interest in cross stitch. She keeps an open mind and is open to try new things. Her next class will be with Margo Kerney.


Upon retirement Jim and Denise decided to move to Raymond, Alberta a suburb of Lethbridge . They planned to spend more time with Jim’s daughter and son who lived near by. They enjoyed camping, and after 6 years decided to move back to Winnipeg. Denise’s daughter had recently given birth to a son Nathan. This has been a very rewarding time for them as they enjoy watching their grandson, now 5, grow up.


Thanks to her good friend Terry Franklin she found and joined WEG (Winnipeg Embroiderer’s Guild). Denise loves meeting and enjoying the fellowship at the stitch-ins held at various places throughout this city.


It was so nice to have the opportunity to sit and get to know Denise and share our love for needlework. Thank you Denise for giving me the opportunity to sit and get to know you better. 

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